Welcome to My Sweet Mission!

This blog was started in 2013 by a wonderful woman named Heather. She started this blog to share family-style delicious recipes along with helpful kitchen tips, and food gift ideas, among other interesting things.

We’ve been privileged to continue the journey as of 2020 and look forward to many delicious recipes and helpful content for our readers to enjoy.

The main focus of the blog at this time revolves around all things desserts. You’ll find posts with recipes for healthy chocolate cookies, very satisfying and easy banana bread, or if you’re in the mood for a brownie in a mug, we’ve got these classic recipes on here and many more to come.

As the name goes, this blog is very purpose-driven with the idea of providing you value through amazing content on food and desserts, while supporting causes that are working towards great impact around the world. Some of the organizations’ work we love include Operation Underground Railroad, Samaritan’s Purse, and other notable ones.

Thank you for visiting and hope you stay connected with us!