Meet Rosemary
My name is Rosemary and I am a simple girl with plenty of hats. I am a mother to two beautiful girls name Abigail and Hannah. A wife to my long time partner and high school sweetheart Eddie.

I’m also Registered Nurse in New York City who works nights and tries to manage a regular sleep schedule (still working on it!) A daughter, sister and a friend.

At times it feels like I am juggling tons of pin balls up in the air like a clown and I certainly don’t have all the answers to life’s questions (still navigating through life, lol) but I manage on a daily basis to do my best, stay positive and organized, and keep life simple while maintaining and active life with my family and those around me.

In this blog I will be giving points on home living tips for parenting, food, and home decor. I also like to talk about nursing, health/wellness, and other life tips that can be helpful for everyday life.